The second first blog entry

Technically, this isn't the first attempt at starting a blog. Under a different iteration of our website, we made a feeble go at blogging about our journey that fizzled out after the first entry. Thankfully, the journey itself has been considerably more successful than the blog efforts. We'll blame the failed attempt on a lack of time combined with the website upgrades that saw us transition over to our current Perhaps the website and the opportunities those changes brought us can be a topic of discussion on a future post. However, for this second first blog entry, we would like to kick things off with a simple thank you to our guests, repeat guests, friends, and the first responder community who have enjoyed time in one of our cabins or the camp over the last two years.

We got Freedom Grove underway with a rather dramatic but necessary change of life that saw us leave our careers and the city we'd lived in forever, and hike up the road an hour-and-a-half to an area we weren't super familiar with to start a business we knew nothing about. The much needed upgrades to the cabins as well as the camp build introduced many challenges that we didn't have the foresight to anticipate, but we have figured out a way over time to make it all work. Unless you stayed at one of the sites prior to January of 2022, you'll have no idea what I'm referring to; but y'all… we pulled up to our newly purchased and fully furnished existing cabin rental property ready to turn a profit that afternoon and it quickly became a scene from the Tom Hanks classic, The Money Pit. Sofas fell apart when we sat on them, bats fluttered in the ceiling, and worst of all: the water coming out of the fixtures was an intense orange red from where our well water was apparently being pumped out of an iron deposit.

Somehow, miraculously, these issues, and so very many more, have been dealt with. New ones arise and they get handled too, eventually. Through them all, we've managed to convince quite a few of you that our cabins, camp, and the surrounding area have something special to offer you. None of what we're attempting to accomplish would be possible if it weren't for the support of so many guests who have found solitude in the woods and the mountains that surround us. We have many exciting updates coming soon that will start at the camp with the installation of an outdoor projector for movie nights in the woods, a revamped and expanded kitchenette area, and some better use of the space in the tent to allow for more than 2 guests per stay. We don't have an exact timeframe just yet, but we are also excited to get started on an area in the woods that will be dedicated to a communal infrared sauna and, fingers crossed, a cold plunge tank and outdoor cold water shower. The sauna has actually sat in storage for some time awaiting it's turn in the line-up of projects, and we are nearing the point where we will finally be able to make these additions to the property. Sprinkled into this upcoming to-do list, we are also hoping to begin restoring some overgrown walking/running trails on the property that were overrun even when we purchased it just over two years ago. If anyone reading this wants to earn the title of trailblazer by joining in the fun and aiding in that project, we can probably whip up a t-shirt design. Lastly, we are passively on the hunt for an affordable and durable outdoor play area for kids to enjoy - preferably one that our insurance company isn't going to balk at. Not too much to knock out on this list, eh?

The goal we are ultimately hoping to achieve is for Freedom Grove to be the spot where people turn to when they need to breathe. We have done our fair share of traveling through the years for both sightseeing and relaxation, and we recognize that today's cost of travel is such that it can ruin your ability to relax or enjoy a good view. We are working diligently towards making your stay at one of our locations be one that offers adventure, rest, and healing without triggering the need for a bank loan.

And hopefully, we can accomplish all of these things while actually keeping anyone interested up-to-date in a blog that makes it past this second first entry!

February 25, 2024 - 8:07 PM