Jeff and Kenia

After meeting in late 2015, Kenia and Jeffrey exchanged their dreams for their futures with Jeff's being to retire to Appalachia, and Kenia's being to own a small bed-&-breakfast. They also discovered similar childhood memories of adventures traversing family-owned farms throughout the mountains of their respective home countries.

After getting married and starting a family, the fast-paced lifestyle of the inner city began to lose the appeal it once held, and a desire to attain the quality of life found on those mountain homesteads led to the search for a new place to call home.

Tomorrow's plans became today's reality and we are proud to welcome you to our endeavors in-progress.

Freedom Grove Lodging

The name Freedom Grove refers to the owner's beginnings - working in public service for the City of Charlotte's Freedom Division and Hickory Grove Division, respectively. Additionally, it pays small homage to a great love and respect for this wonderful nation that has so greatly blessed each of us and allowed us the many freedoms we enjoy.

Our Mission

It is our sincerest desire to offer each guest of Freedom Grove Lodging the experience that we left the city to discover. While our cabins and campground do offer digital entertainment and internet services, we hope you choose to explore our area and reconnect with the outdoors through the many opportunities that await you here.

Take in the scenery on a hike. Listen to the sounds of the river while you fish, or the forest while you camp. Enjoy s'mores, relaxation, and edifying conversations with your family and other guests around the firepits or in the hammocks. Walk the many nearby trails and see what four-legged friends you may spot.

We also aim to support other local businesses and we hope you do as well during your stay with us. Be on the lookout for featured local wines, furniture, and more during your stay with us!